• Aqueous cleaning systems, e. g. single/double chamber systems, immersion-type systems
  • Ultrasonic multistage systems as modular and special solutions
  • Solvent cleaning systems as single/double chamber systems
  • Special systems for aqueous and solvent cleaning, e. g. very large components
  • Spray cleaning systems Flexible process engineering, e. g. spraying, immersion,
    pressure flooding, injection flood washing, ultrasonic cleaning – also with multi frequencies, ultrasonic+, PPC (Pulsated Pressure Cleaning), low-pressure plasma
  • Flexible movement of goods, e. g. turning, swiveling, oscillating, Lift-out movements
  • Vacuum drying after solvent or aqueous cleaning, infrared and/or high-purity hot air drying – also combined with vacuum drying (aqueous)
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