UCMSmartLine – The Modular Solution for Your Cleaning Task

The UCMSmartLine is a modular, immersion-type ultrasonic system with up to nine wash and rinse stages. The versatile and well thought-out system concept offers numerous possibilities for solving individual cleaning tasks with the highest demands on component quality.

Machine concept

  • Parts are agitated in wash and rinse modules, optional rotary and spinning movements
  • Variable ultrasonic equipment for mono, twin and multi-frequency operation from 25 to 120 kHz
  • Hot air, infrared and vacuum drying, several drying stages possible with infrared option
  • Overflow circuit filtration
  • Flexible transport system for handling of product carriers and baskets
  • Easy creation of up to 99 different programs
  • Process visualization and fault diagnosis via IPC controller
  • Connected to rinse water / DI water re-circulation system
  • Supply air filtered by HEPA filter
  • Interfacing with clean rooms possible
  • Closed system

Fields of application

  • Thin film coated parts (PVD/CVD) e.g. tools, automotive parts, fittings
  • Precision optics e.g. micro-optics, lenses, mirrors, prisms, masks
  • Medical components e.g. implants, surgical tools, medical instruments
  • Precision mechanics / precision parts e.g. aircraft, automotive parts, watches, jewelry
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