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Individual process development creates added value

When it comes to fine and ultrafine cleaning tasks, where utmost cleanliness is indispensable, UCM sets highest standards with superior technology and performance as well as high consulting and planning competence.

There are many different industry sectors, such as the automotive and supplier industry, the medical technology, precision optics, the jewelry and watch industry, machine tools and the high-purity sector, where components must meet very strict particulate, organic, inorganic and/or biological cleanliness requirements.

Based on parts geometry, material, pollution and cleanliness requirements, our technology center develops tailor-made cleaning processes and ultrasonic cleaning systems. On the one hand, customers can rely on extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the development of precision cleaning processes for a wide range of industries. On the other hand, our technical equipment enables to carry out cleaning trials with original parts under production-related conditions. In this way, the plant and process technology as well as the process parameters can be defined according to specific application requirements. The result is a cleaning solution that is technically and economically optimized.

This also includes, if necessary, the support in designing the appropriate workpiece carrier. The cleaning of medical devices requires a comprehensive validation of cleaning processes and process documentation. We are there to help you with advice and knowhow.

Our services:

  • Cleaning trials with aqueous media using dual and multi-frequency ultrasound, flood and spray rinsing, town-, osmosis and deionized water, hot air, infrared and vacuum drying - even in combination.
  • Requirement analysis
  • Cleanliness analysis
  • Process validation and documentation for medical technology
  • User and service training

Technology Center

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