UCMIndexLine – Precision Cleaning for Complex Small Parts

The UCMIndexLine is a very compact rotary indexing system with six cleaning stations for precision cleaning on an aqueous basis. With the integrated cleaning and rinsing stations, with and without ultrasound, almost all processes can be mapped. Thus, any process sequence as well as any number of process sequences can be represented. The system is especially designed for very small and complex components.

Machine concept

  • Designed for cleaning small mechanical parts
  • Ultrasound technology with interchangeable vessels
  • Cleaning under vacuum with Pulsated Pressure Cleaning (PPC)
  • Spinning of the basket with programmable speed
  • Automatic control of temperature and liquid level
  • Freely programmable cycle times
  • Up to 1,000 programs with up to 30 phases storable
  • CU-4000 control
  • System operation via 6,5“ LCD touch screen
  • Extremely compact system (< 1m²)
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • Process registration for statistics, history and quality control available (option)

Fields of application

  • Medical technology e.g. for implants, surgical tools, medical instruments, dental technology, 3D printing, cleaning of capillaries and boreholes
  • Thin film coating (PVC/CVD) e.g. for tools, automotive parts, fittings
  • Precision optics e.g. for micro optics, lenses, mirrors, prisms, masks
  • Precision mechanics / precision parts e.g. for aircraft, automotive parts, watches, jewelry

Equipment variants

  • Basic model with / without vacuum as well as rinsing without conductivity measurement and one ultrasonic channel


  • Vacuum cleaning, Pulsated Pressure Cleaning (PPC) & vacuum drying
  • Conductivity measurement with certificate
  • Different ultrasound frequencies
  • Process monitoring and documentation “SCADA”
  • Barcode / QR code reader
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